Eye-opening.    Mind-blowing.    1-Day Masterclass

Designed and facilitated by highly-experienced, independent, battle-hardened,
‘No B.S.’ Business Leaders & Achievers who have ‘been there, done that, and got the ‘T-shirts’.

Just one idea can leapfrog YOU & YOUR TEAM
past the most challenging of obstacles to the TOP

We are excited about serving those leaders who have registered and who are committed to their next level of trajectory personally and professionally.

We thought we would reveal the AGENDA for the day NOW!


* 6 World Class Presentations
* Powerful Q&A Sessions After EVERY Presentation 
* 7 Phenomenal Leading Edge Facilitators 
* Proactive Networking Breakout Sessions in EVERY Break
* 2 Hours Dedicated To LIVE Coaching With One Of The Best Coach Intuitives On The Planet
* REALTIME Breakthroughs Guaranteed (Anything goes personally & or professionally
* Opportunity For Personalized Coaching In The Breaks 
* Proactive Advice On ‘Post Masterclass Action/Integration’

NB: Times are based on Perth, Western Australia. UTC+8

08:30 : Session Opens for informal meet and greet.
09:00 : Trevor Nel : ‘The Oracle’ Opens the day, welcomes everyone & introduces each facilitator.
09:15 : Sally Anderson : High End Leadership Coach Intuitive – Lead Facilitator for the day. Clearly outlines objectives and how best to leverage the day.
09:30-11:00 First 3 Speakers
11:00-11:30 Morning Tea Break/Networking Opportunity
11:30-13:00 Next 3 Speakers
13:00-14:00 Lunch Break/Networking Opportunity
14:00-16:00 Live Coaching Segment
16:00-17:00 Whole Team : Debrief of the day Discussion on NEXT STEPS – Where To From Here

Scott Cundill

CEO, LinkedIn Automation & Email Marketing Specialist, Published Author, Kung-Fu Artist, Serial interviewer from Bali.

09:30 : Achieving World Championship Performance – Business Lessons From a Kung-Fu Master

Doyle Buehler

World-recognized Digital Online Business Strategist & Digital Masterclass Expedition Leader, Author & Speaker from Australia.

10:00 : Unpacking The Stratahedron™: How To Build Your Digital Expedition Strategy in 3-D

Kim-Adele Platts

Board C-Suite Coach. I Partner CEO’s /Senior Leaders have Confidence In Their Leadership.

10:30 : Reading Corporate Faces – the art of interpreting the unspoken word – by the Face Whisperer

Leigh Harrison

CEO WISDOMS™ – Winner: Pan African Awards. Strategic Planner, Coordinator & Corporate Leadership Facilitator of high-performing teams.

11:30 : Making Unpredictability Work For Us

Ivan Andersen

CEO TSF Service & Solutions Firm, co-founder & business partner in WISDOMS™. 30+ years specialising in fully integrated business systems, with a special focus on decision-making.

12:00: Cut The Noise & Remove The Complexity

Trevor Nel

Co-Founder WISDOMS™ – Business Development Strategist. Serial Entrepreneur. Listings. Mergers. Acquisitions. JVs & Strategic Alliances. Author.

12:30 : 3 Game-Changing Strategies For The 21st Century Leader

Sally Anderson

Leadership Coach To The Influencers. THE Trusted Confidant & Advisor EVERY CEO, Politician, Global Influencer, Visionary Has In Their Leadership Arsenal.

14:00 – 16:00 : Live Coaching Segment

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