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2020 shook the world of business to the core.


Perceptions of ‘Value’ & ‘Confidence’ in most businesses were decimated overnight.
The ‘ordinary’ were hopelessly exposed!

2021 & beyond will take extraordinary strengths:


This extraordinary 1-Day Masterclass is deliberately structured as a high-level, high-value, high-ticket event for YOU & YOUR TEAM to experience what it takes to make EXTRAORDINARY breakouts & breakthroughs to the TOP.

Complete With Our Extraordinary 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

The difference between the ‘ordinary’ and the ‘extraordinary’ lies in that little ‘extra’.

That one idea.
That one ‘aha’ moment.
That one significant input.
That one unique twist.

The .0001 millisecond difference between winning or being the runner-up.

The tiniest ‘weather window’ of just a few hours each year being the difference between living or dying on Everest.

Extraordinary moments are the oxygen that YOU & YOUR TEAM need to push higher and further into the rarefied air of the ‘danger zone’ to the summit of YOUR objective.

EXTRAORDINARY is the reserve of the FEW.

Our Masterclass facilitators are specifically selected to deliver no-nonsense, real-world business inputs, opinions & insights based upon the wide variety and depth of their own extraordinary experiences & achievements, including new global project developments launched in 2020 whilst many where licking their wounds.

To get these Masterclass facilitators from all around the world in a physical room on one day would cost in excess of USD$50,000.

In actual fact, it is unlikely that anyone will get them into one physical room on the same day at any price!

This is truly a unique gathering of extraordinary Masterclass facilitators… with one objective in mind – to get YOU & YOUR TEAM to the TOP.

Following the maxim that ‘no-one can teach you that which they have not done’, our Masterclass facilitators’ collective experiences include national franchising, corporate listings, billion-figure projects, digital marketing expeditions, Executive Leadership training at the highest of levels – CEOs; C-Suite Executives; Entrepreneurs/Thought Leaders; Politicians; Celebrities; Millionaires; Billionaires; ..and much, much more! 

WISDOMS™ – World Centre for Life & Business Success
has pleasure in introducing: 

Leadership Coach To The Influencers.

THE Trusted Confidant & Advisor (aka ‘Secret Weapon’) EVERY CEO, Politician, Global Influencer, Visionary Has In Their Leadership Arsenal.

Sally is at the forefront of ‘sustainable’ human and organisational transformation.

She Partners with CEO’s / C-Suite Executives / High Level Key Influencer’s To Achieve Unprecedented ‘Sustainable’ RESULTS!

Sally has privately coached key influencers internationally: CEO’s / C-Suite executives / teams / entrepreneurs / celebrities / politicians / millionaires / billionaires over 20 years.

Sally has also led CEO/C-Suite level retreats / leadership masterclasses to YPO & EO CEO Forums & designed her own 3 day leadership retreat which she led monthly to leaders over a 10 year period nationwide throughout New Zealand, Australia & the USA.

Sally Anderson

World-recognized Digital Online Business Strategist & Digital Masterclass Expedition Leader, Author & Speaker from Australia.

Digital Transformation is not a buzzword. As the CMO, CEO, or CDO, you now have a choice to make. Do you create transformation, or continue with the status quo towards mediocrity.

The digital revolution is here. Disruption is all around us. Can you afford to be average in a sea of mediocrity? Are you actually creating transformation or hoping it will happen?

Have you created the infrastructure for social selling yet?

If you are looking for overnight success, then I can’t help you. I’m in it only for the long-game of digital strategy for your business.

Strategies only work when you take the time to craft them and take the time to implement. Digital is moving so fast that you might miss something if you blink – give yourself a solid digital strategic platform that gets results for the long-term.

Doyle Buehler

You knew it might be lonely at the top, but no-one ever told you how tough it would be.

The C-Suite.

The boardroom. You worked hard to get there, but it’s not what you expected. Something’s missing.
And you aren’t the only one who feels it.

Maybe you’re losing talent to other companies. You’ve put on a brave face for the shareholders, but everyone knows that no-one really leaves a business – they leave their boss.

Here’s the truth. The skills that get you to the top don’t keep you there. Your team wants more than a paycheck. They want a leader to look up to. If your lips and hips don’t match – if what you say and what you do aren’t aligned – it’s going to be a problem.

But just because you can feel the eyes on you doesn’t make the problem easy to solve. Armchair quarterbacks talk about culture like it’s something you can paint on the walls, but that’s not true. Not when there’s never a moment to take a breath, let alone create a vision.

Kim-Adele Platts

CEO, LinkedIn Automation & Email Marketing Specialist, Published Author, Kung-Fu Artist, Serial interviewer from Bali

With two bronze medals at the Kung-Fu World Championships in China, Scott Cundill’s rich base of experience, spanning the business, technology and marketing worlds coupled with his very bold opinions, has made its mark in local media and speaker circuits.

He has appeared on TV countless times and has written dozens of articles.

He is also a published author, including “The Captivating One-liner” and is currently the CEO of

Scott is also a Ted Talk speaker.

His energy, enthusiasm, knowledge and passion for the subjects that he specializes in make Scott a treat to listen to.

Scott Cundill

CEO WISDOMS™ – Winner: Pan African Awards.

Strategic Planner, Coordinator & Corporate Leadership Facilitator of high-performing teams.

Leigh Harrison has been running a training and development business for 17 years. She is CEO of WISDOMS™ – World Centre for Life & Business Success.

She works with the Ziya Group to provide Ethical Leadership and Integration of Values-Based Behaviour and is the leading distributor of The Dealmaker Company programmes.

Leigh’s client base includes such organisations as Anglo American, De Beers, Shell, Dell and the University of Mpumalanga.

Recently, Leigh was the recipient of not only a Country (South Africa) Pan-African Award for Education and Training –Private Sector but also for the SADC (Southern African Development Community) -South region.

Leigh Harrison

CEO TSF Service & Solutions Firm, co-founder & business partner in WISDOMS™.

30+ years in Information Technology. Business Process Analysis and Design, Systems Design, Enterprise development.

Working with CEO’s, COO’s & CIO’s Ivan has developed an excellent base of knowledge and experience across a broad spectrum of different industry types.

He is a specialist in business processes design and implementation. Ivan has the rare ability to operate in both the highly technical world of systems design and development.

He is also well versed in the strategic development of business from the perspective of the executive.

His technical skill and business understanding has enabled him to deliver online digital platforms for the VIRTUAL Trade, VIRTUAL Trade and the BBX UK Quantum Leap 2021 Global Trade Fair.

He is also an experienced Zoom host and facilitator having hosted over 300 sessions since the start of global lockdown.

Ivan Andersen

Co-Founder WISDOMS™ – Business Development Strategist. Serial Entrepreneur. Listings. Mergers. Acquisitions. JVs & Strategic Alliances. Author.

– Consumate Business Entrepreneur
– in continual Business Development mode
– Enjoy Business Strategy Matrix Development
– Effective, no-nonsense, results-oriented

‘I Grow Businesses’

– Developed largest Education Franchise in Southern Africa in late ’80’s (sold out to listing 1990)
– Exec. Board Member (Director) S.A. Franchise Association (SAFA) now (FASA) 3 years in late ’80’s
– Developed Growth Holdings Business Consultancy Group 1990
– Developed S.A.s first-ever Protected Investment Fund (traded over R2.1 billion in total transaction value)
– Developed It’s So Simple! Business Creation Network (over 7000 subscribers)
– Variety of web-based business projects developed
– Launched S.A.s most successful Lonehill Community Security Initiative (now over R1 billion revenue-generated)

Trevor Nel

Here’s how it works: YOU & YOUR TEAM will join our Masterclass facilitators on our virtual platform on Thursday 23rd September 2021.

We will already have analyzed from your pre-session responses where YOU & YOUR TEAM are positioned on your own corporate ‘mountain’ of objectives/challenges that you have set for yourselves, how far you are from the TOP, and channel all inputs & insights to stimulate YOU & YOUR TEAM coming up with:

That one idea.

That one ‘aha’ moment.

That one significant input.

That one unique twist.

Your Investment:
USD$10,000 per Corporate Team (Max. 20 attendees per Corporate Entity) or USD$1,000 per Corporate Executive.

YES! We are the BEST of the Best and want to be part of this extraordinary event!

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