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As a CEO, Manager, Team Leader do you want people working with you who have a positive attitude, take initiative, are inspired to do their best work, and inspire others to do the same, have leadership qualities, understand how business works and actually participates in ensuring your business flourishes?


Here are three different pricing structures to get started on a program for your staff/team that ensures goals are met, collaboration happens, innovation is sparked and resilience and adaptability are strengthened. 



Frequently Asked Questions

Where do we start?

You can either choose a package which will take you through our registration and payment process or you can complete the Get In Touch Form at the bottom of this page. Either way the WISDOMS team will connect with you to find out more about your needs and requirements to then take the next steps.

With regards which program to start with our strong recommendation is that you lay the foundation with Attitude as your first program. We have encountered many experienced people with high-level roles who are seeking answers to complex questions and are dealing with ambiguous and difficult scenarios. We are after all living in a VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous). All the more reason to start with the basics. Put the fundamentals in place and other aspects will start to become clearer.

What results can we expect?

Humans have enormous capacity and desire to discover, to explore, to grow and to change. What control are you taking of your life to make the most of this capacity?
What is your sense of purpose?
What goals and dreams do you want to accomplish?
What does health, wealth and happiness mean to you?
How do you keep going when life is an uphill battle?
How do you own your talent, skills and time to earn and contribute?
These are some of the questions you can expect to have answered.

What about the T-shirts?

If you have chosen the Value or Premium Packages you get a T-shirt! We will mail you with a form to get your size, colour and image preference. Yes, it is customised!

The T-shirt is included in your package, but we do ask that you cover the delivery – except if you live in Johannesburg, South Africa. There has to be some advantages to living in this city!

What makes WISDOMS different?

Training done well ensures the development of skills. But what about the positive, motivated, goal-achieving, empowered, resilient, adaptable, people you want working with and for you? This is about interweaving content and methods of delivery to create and reinforce the behaviour change and productive engagement needed to power the innovation and collaboration for your business into the future. 

But don’t take our word for it. Start with a half day program with one of your teams called  The DifferenceMaker. Run previously for such companies as Dell, Webber Wentzel and Anglo American you will get an idea of our style and what will work for YOU.

We are unapologetically simple, but we get people to THINK based on the WISDOMS of the ages. We then prompt ACTION. To begin the cycle of thinking and acting again!

What is the difference between the three packages?

Choose the Program package if you are time and budget short as the content is delivered digitally with no face-to-to face workshops. It is short, sharp and to the point but consistent and sustains thinking and action in the direction you want.

Choose the Process Package if you are wanting a combination of content, motivation, team-building and skills development. Espeially if you have specific areas that need growth, development and improvement. These may be in team dynamics, the need for mind-set shift or culture change, or where there are gaps in ability or capacity. The Process package includes more face-to-face interaction and workshops.

Choose the Premium Package if your focus is not on teams but on individual performance. Where you are wanting excellence at the highest level and are willing to invest to maximise the potential of the talent in your business then this package is for you. Besides offering all the other aspects it provides individal coaching by accredited executive coaches.

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