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WISDOMS is a non-academic, practical, no-nonsense, simple university of life and business. Quality resources to help you THINK and ACT to go in the DIRECTION you want.

Our Purpose

World Center for Personal and Business Success

WISDOMS is about helping YOU to get what YOU want in life… and to ENJOY it! 

WISDOMS is about helping YOU to fulfill YOUR true potential.

WISDOMS-certified Graduates will be imbued with Six Foundation Qualities which demonstrate that they:

1. ..have a True Purpose in Life
2. ..understand what makes for a Great Attitude to Life
3. ..have an Uncommon Passion to be the BEST They Can Be
4. ..have a Burning Desire to Succeed with Honour and Integrity
5. ..are committed to attaining Health, Wealth and Happiness
6. ..are committed to making a Positive Difference in Society

Our Programs

A New School of Thinking

WISDOMS certified Graduates are conferred with a clear knowledge of what They Want in Life, understanding  Business… and recognising what Society Needs.

Get certified in the WISDOMS™ Peak Performance Program: 

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Leadership Skills
Business Mastery


Our Process

Follow Our Map

Decide Your direction

Whether setting off on your own or guiding an organisation you need to choose your direction. Where do you want to go? What do you want to achieve? We begin therefore with the age-old art of CONVERSATION. If you need a more analytical approach we have profiling tools to help.

Walk a path

Choose your program or follow the route we recommend from Attitude to Business Mastery. The path will include digital resources, input from gurus, current thinking, times to STOP and THINK and prompts to put your ideas and goals into ACTION. We can also offer talks to motivate you and your team, and facilitated sessions to discuss, plan and practice skills.

check back and forward

Going ahead without checking to see what you have actually accomplished or if you are on track can lead to wasted time and effort. Tools that give you perspective and monitor your progress are important. It’s important to check how close or far you are from your destination.

Our Modules


The successful completion of this first diploma course will help YOU to design the personal blueprint for success that YOU want in YOUR life

Section 1: How To Get Whatever YOU Want In Life

you will learn the ultimate key to success
Section 2: How To Discover YOUR Life’s Purpose
identify who you really want to be in life
Section 3: How To Formula – For Living The GOOD Life
here’s how you can get everything you want in life
Section 4: How To Get Excited About YOUR Future
here you uncover the one consistent trait of the greats
Section 5: How To Find A Reason For YOUR Being
divining the meaning of life and your role on this planet
Section 6: How To Play The Magnificent GAME Of Life
how you can develop a powerful winning state-of-mind
Section 7: How To Set Simple Goals For YOUR Personal Success
you get to plan where you’re going and how you get there
Section 8: How To ENJOY The Rollercoaster Ride Of Life
you learn to track the 7 Major P’s for life and business success


The successful completion of this second diploma course will help YOU learn ALL about MONEY… simple, ageless, time-tested ways of MAKING MONEY..!

Section 1: How To Get WEALTHY In Your Sleep

– You’ll learn a number of different ways to make money
– How to take advantage of the Magic Multiplier Principle of Money
– Why many people will never retire wealthy… and how YOU can
– The STRANGEST SECRET to attracting money into your life
– The 3 key differences in thinking between the Rich… and the Poor
– The critical importance of developing PASSIVE INCOME systems
– The very BEST investment you can make… beginning today

Section 2: The GROWTH Formula for Lifelong Success
incorporating: How to convert PASSION into a Multi-Million Rand Business Project


The successful completion of this course will expose YOU to the unlimited abundance and inspiration of Collective WISDOMScontained in Books, Movies, Cartoons, Songs, and other resources.

The sections of this course are specifically chosen to make every day… a great day in YOUR life. Here are some of them:

Section 1: It’s Great To Be A Champion
Exploring the stirring of a nation’s pride
Section 2: No One Can Teach You That Which They Have Not Done
How to identify the best ‘teachers’ and advice
Section 3: Feeling Good About Life… Some Simple Secrets
Includes the single most profound statement on success
Section 4: The Power Of Optimism
A logical argument for identifying a future filled with Hope
Section 5: Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do!
How to turn problems into exciting possibilities
Section 6: The Supreme Secret Of Success
Analysing one of the best-selling inspirational books of all time
Section 7: Look Ma… No Hands… !
Amazing personal insights of an inspiring young man without arms
Section 8: Progress And Profit: Two Peas In A Pod
Recognising that for society to grow someone must profit
Section 9: Key Habits Of High-Achievers
Success habits that will change your life forever
Section 10: Looking To The Road Ahead
Thoughts on the future from the most innovative people in the world


This fourth course highlights the core qualities YOU need to continually motivate YOURSELF and others in life & business. It gives you an in-depth insight into what it takes to be a quality leader and how YOU can make a positive difference in this world.

Here are some of the topics you will cover:

Section 1: In Desperate Need Of Leaders
Understanding the essence of TRUE Leadership
Section 2: BRIDGE PAPER ™: Developing Ethical Leadership
By Business Roundtable Institute for Corporate Ethics
Section 3: Analysing The Secrets Of Peak Performers
Personal Leadership – the secret to giving beyond your best in life
Section 4: Comrades: Metaphor For The Marathon Of Life
Personal Leadership – important clues to preparing for success
Section 5: Everest: Free To Decide
Personal Leadership – very ordinary people doing extraordinary things
Section 6: Failure Is The Key To Your Future
Personal Leadership – how to get positive results from your failures in life
Section 7: How Leaders Solve Problems
Problems are opportunities in disguise
Section 8: Identify What’s Important And Honor It
Be true to yourself and enjoy yourself
Section 9: Top Ten Ways To Support Someone In Being Their Best
Team Leadership – how to bring out the best in others
Section 10: Keep The Flames Of Passion Burning
Team Leadership – how to develop enthusiasm for whatever the task
Bonus Section: The First Ninety Days In Your New Business
The critical time-period that sets the tone for your next five years in business


Ideally suited to both budding and established intrapreneurs & entrepreneurs, whether Business Owner, Professional Manager, Decision-Maker or Stakeholder, the successful completion of this fifth diploma course will introduce YOU to the key BUSINESS PROFIT-DRIVERS that lead to YOUR consistent business success.

From identifying the biggest problem in business today… to opening up a window to proprietary business consulting ‘secrets’… this course provides simple solutions for YOUR BUSINESS SUCCESS.

Discover the SHOCKING TRUTH about how much business potential is wasted in most businesses… every month!
Section 1: How COMMITTED Are You?
How to discover whether your business will MAKE A FORTUNE… or FLOP..!
Section 2: Knowing Where You’re Going
Learn which SINGLE INGREDIENT in your business can be changed to generate ‘..the biggest profit, the biggest growth, the most positive, most massive income-generating changes’!
Section 3: It’s Not What You Know..!
Discover where the bulk of your business will come from.
Section 4: Your Vending Machine System
The one business cycle that ensures the success of your business.
Section 5: So What Makes You Unique?
How to tell in 60 seconds or less… what makes a business UNIQUE and destined for success.
Section 6: Where The Big Profits Lie
Discover the one secret to business marketing success!
Section 7: Working On Your Widget
How to create completely NEW HIGH-PROFIT product lines.
Section 8: Making Massive Sales Happen
Learn a simple way to ramp up revenue in most businesses.
Section 9: Unleashing Your People Power
Why most business owners and managers cannot see the problems in their business
Section 10: Capital In Abundance
How to uncover an abundance of possibilities for your business and how to build your own DREAM TEAM of business advisors.

Business Mastery

The successful completion of this sixth and final diploma course will immerse YOU into the process of creating Million Dollar Ideas for YOUR business.

This course is based upon the content of How To Milliondollarize YOUR Business – Million Dollar Idea (MDI) Masterclass Workshop.

Section 1: Building The Foundation for Million Dollar Idea SUCCESS
– the importance of being OPEN to possibilities that exist all around us, almost all the time
– the importance of taking quiet time to look at things from a fresh perspective
– ways to ‘Accelerate the Possibility Curve’ – from small idea to Million Dollar Idea
– how most of us miss the opportunity right in front of our noses
– Learning from ‘Cracking The Millionaire Code’  obert G. Allen and Mark Victor Hansen

Section 2: Building YOUR Own MDI Team or Collaborating Within An Exciting MDI Venture
Stimulating the development of quality Million Dollar Ideas, Joint Ventures, Strategic Alliances for practical launch in the market place.

This is the opportunity for YOU to stress-test and expand upon YOUR business idea, attract collaborators and/or strategic partners.  

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