Making a Difference in YOUR life
by Making a Difference in the Lives of OTHERS

A Brief Introduction to WISDOMS™
The Differencemaker™ Program

We introduce you to the 10 simple yet profound
principles that are the foundation of the more in-depth
personal journey of The Differencemaker™ Program.

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In the WISDOMS™ DifferenceMaker™ Program, you will be taken on a journey to explore & learn:

  • How YOU can make a meaningful difference in your life, by making a meaningful difference in the lives of others.. and receive heartfelt testimonials just like these samples below of many thousands received by the WISDOMS™ team.
  • How & why YOU can, and do (whether you know it or not), have an impact (for better or for worse) on the lives of others in the world, just by being the person you are.
  • How & why people will respect & follow YOU.
  • Why YOU need not worry what others think of you when YOU give the world the best you’ve got.
  • How YOU can help alter the course of history (or positively impact any issue you choose).
  • Why YOU matter as ultimate priority on this planet, and how that enhances your like respect for every other individual you interact with.
  • Where YOU can find the ‘secret’ to HUGE success.
  • How YOU can apply some simple rules of success.
  • How YOU can learn to live a life of pure joy, passion & purpose.
  • How YOU can learn to apply the one common trait of all successful people.
  • ‘WOW..!! Thank you for an inspirational and stimulating morning and for the obvious effort and preparation you put into making it so successful. Bless you for sharing your God given talents, for inspiring and helping so many people – we can only benefit from your experience, enthusiasm and dedication to what you do.’
    Kind regards, Maureen Cheetham

    ‘Thank you from the bottom of my heart for a truly memorable morning and for sharing so much of yourself and your beliefs with us, you were superb. You have underlined and underscored everything that I have read and attempted to live… about how to live a joyful and happy life and the tools we were given at birth in order to do so. The most awesome part was how you opened your life to us and shared your beliefs, and of course on looking into those more closely, therein, is plain to see, lies your success. What EXCITED me the most as a LEARNING experience… was the knowledge that with commitment and the right attitude anything can be achieved.’
    Kind Regards, Camila Visser (RIP)

    ‘Thank you once again for all the hours of effort you put in on our behalf – we are very blessed to have a leader like you! The ongoing information, knowledge and inspiration we gain from you will stand us in good stead for many years to come. The session was so inspirational… you gave us so much valuable information. What I gained most, learnt from and excited me, was being able to experience the structure you have established as your base from which to operate, and the insight gained from this exercise. It has inspired me to do the same in my life with my dreams and goals. I am simply drinking it all in and learning as much as possible. I look forward to the future.’
    Regards, Dee Thomas

    ‘Thank you so much for an inspiring, thought provoking and energising morning. I loved the energy in the room generated by the obvious enthusiasm and love for life that you have for what you do and the desire to lift and encourage others to achieve similar success. It was informal yet incisive, purposeful and progressive. For me it was clear that walking the talk included a genuine loyalty, commitment, respect, care and mutual concern in relationships that were of long duration. I want to expand, reach more people and make a difference in a meaningful way.’
    Yvonne Fuller-Good

    ‘I’m very excited about WISDOMS. I really believe that WISDOMS has what it takes to be one of the world top life-changing programs, that it will break down the barriers that are preventing people from realizing the incredible power within themselves, and create exciting, vibrant, conscious and purposeful people who can transform their communities and nations.’
    Thumiso Masoha

    ‘Once again you have not disappointed me. I like the concept, I like the principles, I like your values and I like the professional level at which you work. WISDOMS will MAD (Make A Difference)’.
    Manie Groenewald

    ‘Excellent! The WISDOMS™ course opened my mind to ask the right questions about myself and my business that people are normally too scared to ask. I can apply these steps today and make a difference.’
    Trevor Ketler

    ‘There are so many Business Courses out there but no one tells you how to get to your goal or to go to the next level. There is a process here that is workable to become successful.’
    Bootcamp participant, 2020

    ‘Life-Changing. Thank you for the abundance of information you have provided. It seems that this was designed just for me. Before entering I was nervous, but that changed quickly. I felt ‘not alone & lost’ as I now have the tools available to me to make the year a success.’
    Zuraya Said-Pillay

    ‘The day was an awesome and eye-opening experience which has enriched me with ideas, vision and a different positive outlook on matters which include myself and my small business. I learnt so much not only from your good selves but certainly from the wonderful folk present.’
    Joe Viede – Managing Director, Worldwide Incentive and Travel Solutions