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Whatever your current station in life… whether 18 or 80, scholar or college professor, entrepreneur or corporate director… if you have just the slightest feeling that there is much, much more in this life for YOU; that YOU can be even better than YOU are right now; that there must be simpler, smarter ways of doing great things in YOUR life and business… then WISDOMS™ is the program for YOU.


Here are three pricing models to suit your particular needs and budget.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I start?

Our strong recommendation is that you start with Attitude as your first program. We have encountered many experienced people with high-level roles who are seeking answers to complex questions and are dealing with ambiguous and difficult scenarios. We are after all living in a VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous). All the more reason to start with the basics. Put the fundamentals in place and other aspects will start to become clearer.

How does it work?

Choose which package you want and click the Get Started button. You will then be directed to register and follow the payment route. 

Each week you will then be sent via email the next section of whichever program you are on. When you sign up for a particular program you will be sent information on how many sessions it includes. 

Each session will include vivid images, videos or podcasts, stimulating input, reflection questions and action steps. You will also be sent recommended videos, podcasts and ebooks that will reinforce your learning in that area. If you sign up for the Value and Premium Packages you will receive via an app follow-up in bite sized nuggets to keep you following the path you have chosen (we all need to be kept on the road and inspired!) 

What results can I expect?

Humans have enormous capacity and desire to discover, to explore, to grow and to change. What control are you taking of your life to make the most of this capacity?
What is your sense of purpose?
What goals and dreams do you want to accomplish?
What does health, wealth and happiness mean to you?
How do you keep going when life is an uphill battle?
How do you own your talent, skills and time to earn and contribute?
These are some of the questions you can expect to have answered.

What makes WISDOMS different?

In the first place, it’s a bit like trying a new recipe – you won’t know until you’ve tried it. So if you want a taste then start with the free The DifferenceMaker course. You will then get an idea of our style and what YOU can get out of it.
We are unapologetically simple, but we plummet the depths of who you are and what you want out of life by stimulating what YOU think based on the WISDOMS of the ages. We then prompt you take ACTION – People remember what you DO not what you SAY! Your actions will lead to further reflections and so the learning cycle continues.

Quite honestly following the WISDOMS journey is better than whatever you are not doing right now!

Do I have to do all the programs?

WISDOMS is designed to be your learning partner for life. There is enough in the programs Attitude, Initiative, Inspiration, Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Business Mastery to last you years. But we also keep current with changing dynamics in the world around us, research into how the brain works, and what the latest gurus in people, leadership and business development are saying.

You stop when you want. But we’ll keep going!

Can I stop my subscription at any time?

Yes. It is on a month to month basis. Inform us via email and we will stop sending you your next exciting installment 🙂

Can I talk to others on the same journey as me?

Of course. Best place to do this is to start a conversation on our Facebook page. 

What about my T-shirt?

If you have chosen the Value or Premium Packages you get a T-shirt! We will mail you with a form to get your size, colour and image preference. Yes, it is customised!

The T-shirt is included in your package, but we do ask that you cover the delivery – except if you live in Johannesburg, South Africa. There has to be some advantages to living in this city!

Free course

The DifferenceMaker

The DifferenceMaker™ is a 10 Step Email Course that stimulates YOU to make a significant difference in YOUR life by making a meaningful difference in the lives of those that you serve: your customers, your bosses, your colleagues, your staff, your suppliers, your business, and your loved ones.