helping YOU to get what YOU want in life…and to ENJOY it!
helping YOU to fulfill YOUR true potential.
YOU… achieving personal SUCCESS.

Whatever your current station in life…
whether 18 or 80, scholar or college professor,
entrepreneur/intrapreneur or corporate director…
if you have just the slightest feeling that there is much, much more in this life for YOU; that YOU can be even better than YOU are right now; that there must be simpler, smarter ways of doing great things in YOUR life and business…then WISDOMS™ is the program for YOU.

4 + 8 =

Courses to suit YOUR needs

Personal development, business skills, soft skills, hard skills.

The DifferenceMaker

How to earn the Respect, Admiration & Appreciation that YOU truly deserve.. especially from your toughest of critics!


This first diploma course will help YOU to design the personal blueprint for success that YOU want in YOUR life.


This second diploma course will help YOU to learn ALL about MONEY… simple, ageless, time-tested ways of MAKING MONEY..!


This third diploma course will expose YOU to the unlimited abundance and inspiration of Collective WISDOMS contained in Books, Movies, Cartoons, Songs, and other resources.


This fourth diploma course will highlight the core qualities YOU need to continually motivate YOURSELF and others in life & business.


Ideally suited to both budding and established intrapreneurs & entrepreneurs, whether Business Owner, Professional Manager, Decision-Maker or Stakeholder, this course will introduce YOU to the key BUSINESS PROFIT-DRIVERS that lead to YOUR consistent business success.

Business Mastery

This sixth and final diploma course will immerse YOU into the process of creating Million Dollar Ideas for YOUR business.