It has been a delight interviewing South African authors. KK Diaz brought not only business knowledge but also his rich personal story to this interview, which featured his first book about his climb of Kilamajaro as a business enterprise as well as his A-Game books.

KK is a business strategist, digital transformation consultant, marketer and author of 5 books. He is CEO of A-Game Business, a consultancy that helps businesses around the world to drive digital transformation that improves business performance, customer experiences and increases brand equity.

His latest book, ‘Thrive’, helps business leaders unlock digital transformation, remain relevant and avoid disruption. For a FREE copy go to:

His series of marketing books and articles help marketing executives and entrepreneurs gain a holistic view of Marketing and Sales as a set of business processes that can and should be clearly defined, and therefore easily repeatable, within the business. For a FREE copy of Inbound Marketing Blueprint, go to: