The DifferenceMaker™ is a 10 Step Email Course that stimulates YOU to make a significant difference in YOUR life by making a meaningful difference in the lives of those that you serve: your customers, your bosses, your colleagues, your staff, your suppliers, your business, and your loved ones.

YOU will explore:

  • the simple principle of first ‘giving’ before expecting & getting rewards
  • why and how YOU make an indelible impression on others.. good or bad
  • how YOU will be ‘judged’ by others.. right or wrong.. whether you like it or not
  • how to ensure that YOU will not have to worry what others think of you
  • how to attract total respect by being true to YOURSELF
  • a simple formula for dealing positively with your critics
  • how to assess and apply the open ‘secrets’ employed by the successful few

Brief comments from others who have completed The DifferenceMaker™

“Became aware that both positive and negative behaviours are learned from others.”

“I have become aware of the impact that I can make through being true to myself and understanding myself.”

“I need to do a lot of introspection to evaluate where and how I intend on achieving my goals.”

“Leaders are called to make a difference, listen for understanding & speak for clarity.”