You Are a Role Model


Yes, it’s a frightening thought, isn’t it? To know that someone, somewhere, looks up to you as a role model.


Someone would just love to have your life… to do what you do… to have what you have… to be just like you.


And… how good a role model do you believe you are to that ‘someone’..?


Are you truly proud of who YOU are, of what you do… and of the things you stand for..?


If you are… that is FANTASTIC… because, here is our problem in this world today – we live in a very IMPRESSIONABLE society.


And… everybody… yes, including you, is a ‘role model’ to someone else… for better or for worse!


Whether you are a legend, a hero, a champion… a beggar, a thief, a fool… know that YOU are a ‘role model’ to someone..!


Yes, you had better believe it… everyone has ‘someone’ looking up to them… someone who wants to emulate what they do.


This is one of the most frightening, and the most exciting insights anyone can have about our society.


Frightening because… it explains why supposedly ‘intelligent’ people can follow depraved despots into the mass genocide of millions of innocent people… why gangs of people form evil crime-syndicates to rip-off honest, law-abiding citizens… why many, many people get sucked into the despair of mind-numbing, financially-crippling drug addiction.


Mostly all follow the lead of someone they mistakenly ‘admire’ as a ‘role model’ for their finery, their power, or some other surface-level attraction.


Yet… it is also an EXCITING revelation because… it means that YOU are responsible for the way that some people will act and behave in the world..!


It means that YOU can make a meaningful difference in the world… just by being the person you are.


It means that, right now, YOU are either having a POSITIVE or a NEGATIVE effect (there is no in-between) on the world through your impact on other people.


That is awesome knowledge if you choose to apply yourself to being a QUALITY Role Model. You can literally begin changing the world… one person at a time.

Spiritual Intelligence for Personal Wellness

Spiritual Intelligence for Personal Wellness

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Resilience: An Understated Super-Power

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Getting Unstuck

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Here’s Looking At You

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